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5 Easy Steps to Fix the Issues of Washing Machine Not Draining

5 Easy Steps to Fix the Issues of Washing Machine Not Draining

Cleaning stains, sweat, and filth from clothing are easy with a working washing machine. And you find the washing machine will not drain, and something is plainly amiss if you lift the lid after the washer has stopped running and discover your garments swimming in water. There is no doubt that the drum won’t drain, and the front load washing machine won’t drain or spin but why? Before you seek assistance from a professional washing machine repair expert, try these suggestions to get to the bottom of the issue and save your washing machine not draining.

Follow Our Easy Troubleshooting Guide to Getting Rid of the Issues of Washing Machine Not Draining

Lid Switch Assembly Testing: 

If your washing machine not draining, it happens only when the lid is well closed can top-loading washers drain and spin. Consequently, the issue can be brought on by a faulty lid switch assembly. Try pressing the lid switch using your finger to see whether the machine reacts. If you press this same lid switch and nothing happens, it could need to be changed and saved from the problem of the washing machine not draining properly.

Check For Kinks In The Drain Hose: 

To stop your washing machine not draining, make sure water can readily flow through the hose behind the washer by adjusting it. A machine that is generally functional might not be able to drain if the hose is kinked.

Check For Clogs In The Pump or Drain Hose: 

A sock or some other small article of clothing frequently finds its way into the drainage system and clogs the hose as well as the pump, which prevents and causes your washing machine not draining. Examine for any obstructions within those areas after removing the washer’s front panel. Whether you discover anything, take it out to check if the washing machine will drain.

Cleanse the Coin Trap: 

To prevent foreign things from entering the drain, certain washers incorporate coin traps. Coin traps typically include a panel that is made for accessibility. Check to see whether the tub will drain right away if your washer has one by cleaning it out.

Examine the Water Level Control: 

The water level control in your washer can be broken if it won’t spin or drain. It could be necessary to replace the valve if it has become rusted.

Schedule Your Repair with OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs:

You might have a damaged drive belt or water pump if these troubleshooting techniques don’t work to make sure the washing machine not draining. To bring your equipment back in working order, these components need to be professionally repaired or replaced. It’s best to leave washing machine repair to the experts if you think your washing machine not draining properly, so call OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs for assistance if your washing machine still won’t drain. The team at OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs is dedicated to providing you with the best appliance repair assistance if you feel that your washing machine not draining properly. We at OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs respect your priorities.

OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs work on various well-known companies and resolve their challenges with more than 25 years of experience. To fix issues such as washing machine not draining, we’re available both during regular business hours and on weekends for your convenience. You can get in touch with us whenever you need us, we commit to providing you with emergency services around-the-clock.