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7 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

7 reasons why your refrigerator not getting cold

It should be clear that your refrigerator not getting cold or needs more chilling if you open it and find warm wine or sour milk. The issue is a health one instead of just one of irritation and bad smells. At that moment, either you will call the refrigerator repair expert, or you may search the internet with the term “solutions to fix refrigerator not getting cold”.

Here’s how to quickly fix a broken refrigerator not getting cold. This step-by-step manual will teach you how to find the issue and perhaps even resolve it on your own. Even if you need a professional for the repair, you will be able to demonstrate the issue to them, saving time and money.

7 reasons why your refrigerator not getting cold

Reasons Behind Your Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

1. Faulty thermistor: 

A malfunctioning thermistor regulates the temperature of the air within a refrigerator and initiates and terminates the cooling cycle where the fridge compressor is running but not cooling. The refrigerator either doesn’t cool anyway or cools continually if it malfunctions.

2. Clean Condenser Coils:

The refrigerator’s condenser coils, mostly on the back, cannot effectively cool if they are dusty or coated with spiderwebs. This can be one of the major reasons that if your refrigerator not getting cold. At the outside bottom-front of the cabinet, unlatch the anti-tip brackets. Carefully remove the refrigerator, then use a vacuum’s hand attachment to clean the coils. Avoid bending the coils or otherwise harming them.

3. Doors Have Dirty Gaskets: 

Over time, food particles or fingerprints might contaminate the flexible door seals (gaskets), making it impossible for the door to close completely. With a sponge as well as warm, soapy water, clean the gaskets. Additionally, clean the areas of the refrigerator where the gaskets touch. Use only water to clean windows; never use brushes, flammable liquids, scouring pads, or abrasive cleansers.

4. The Air Vents Are Blocked by Food: 

Food items that can obstruct the cool air vent can be a reason if your refrigerator not getting cold and should be looked for inside the refrigerator box. It’s possible that the fridge compressor running but not cooling due to big boxes or bags being unintentionally positioned at the front of the vents, obstructing the proper flow of cool air into the appliance. Move such goods to a different shelf or set them away.

5. Refrigerator Lacks Proper Supplies: 

The refrigerator’s mass aids in preserving its cooling. Additionally, you’ll need to give food items as part of the mass. Fridges that are short on supplies have to work harder to keep things chilled. Refrigerators with a sufficient amount of food inside (but not too much) can maintain the chilly temperatures.

6. The door gasket is defective or needs replacement: 

It’s time to replace the door gaskets if you’ve cleaned them and they still don’t seal properly resulting in the fridge compressor running but not cooling

7. Refrigerator That Isn’t Branded: 

For effective operation, refrigerators need to be almost level. The refrigerator should be exactly level from side to side. But for the doors to close correctly, the fridge needs to tilt backward about 1/4 inch from front to back. To check, use a laser or bubble level.

Final Thoughts

For food safety, flavor, and especially taste, it’s crucial to maintain a cold refrigerator. If you do some troubleshooting, you can figure out why your refrigerator not getting cold and maybe remedy the issue with a quick fix like clearing out items that might be obstructing airflow, testing the appliance’s power, or checking the thermostat settings and cooling features. If all else fails, replacing the refrigerator might be necessary. Do everything you can effectively maintain this crucial kitchen workhorse and prolong the life of your appliances to prevent that.