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Refrigerators are used by boaters to keep supplies fresh until they are ready to cook, as well as to keep drinks chilled along with the stocked ice bucket.

Your yacht freezer or refrigerator is subjected to extreme circumstances, including salty air and frequent vibrations. Marine refrigerator repair from a professional marine appliance repair Fort Lauderdale service provider can save you money on expensive repairs. Whenever you leave the harbor, make sure all the important pieces of hardware are in ideal working order.

Indications of a broken refrigerator include:

Your fridge doesn’t get cold enough:

marine appliance repair Fort Lauderdale service provider understands the importance of temperature management at OJ Same Day Appliance Repair. Our professionals are skilled enough to repair any refrigerator successfully, whether it’s a thermostat issue or an electrical issue.

Your refrigerator is making strange noises:

If your refrigerator is humming or shaking abnormally, it’s time to call the experts of marine appliance repair in Fort Lauderdale at OJ Same Day Appliance Repair. Your evaporator fan’s motor could be malfunctioning. Our personnel will assess the issue and relay key information about the maintenance procedure to our clients.

Your fridge has been overheating on the outside

A refrigerator’s problems can occasionally be traced back to its electrical connections. Fortunately, our marine appliance repairs experts are also electrically trained and can resolve any wiring-related connection issues that are causing the refrigerator to work too hard – and hence overheat.


Why should you hire a marine appliance repair fort lauderdale company?

Between mini-fridges as well as wine coolers up larger boat freezers and fridges, we service them all. Allow professional boat refrigerator repair experts or marine appliance repair Fort Lauderdale to examine and diagnose your issue. We’ll get you fully up and running on time, thanks to our speedy response times!

There are multiple reasons why your boat refrigerator may cease operating. Like failed, open circuits, or a malfunctioning temperature control system could all be to blame. A power surge holds the potential to damage the electronic control board, which will need to be replaced totally. A damaged float switch or even a valve replacement could be all you need for your boat refrigerator repair.

Professional marine appliance repair

The benefits of employing a professional marine appliance repair Fort Lauderdale, and also where to find one. But please remember that the word here is ‘professional.’ So, if your microwave or refrigerator isn’t working properly, just pick up the phone to call us! 

We offer a comprehensive range of appliance repair services for practically all maritime and yacht equipment at OJ Same Day Appliance Repair, including:

• Refrigerators

• Ice machines and ice makers

• Microwaves

• Dishwashers


Our fully licensed and insured specialists will always maintain your yacht in safe and capable hands. You’ll be able to obtain the boat appliance repair you require without breaking the bank, thanks to our affordable pricing. We can also install a new stove, refrigerator, or microwave if you require a specialist appliance installer. For any marine appliance repair Fort Lauderdale, OJ Same Day Appliance Repair is a company that specializes in rescuing appliances.

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