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Assured Washing Machine Repair Services

OJ Same Day Appliance Repair aims to provide the best appliance repair services. And their washing machine repair services are the most-sought and detailed appliance repair service within the locality. However, many don’t know about the in-depth expertise our team holds. So, here we will be briefing you about the washing machine repair services and the checkpoints we follow to ensure maximum safety.

Steps Followed In Washing Machine Repair Services

The entire process of washing machine repair service goes through some mandatory checkpoints. And we ensure that our skilled technicians check them manually before confirming the same. Therefore, we can assure you of the best and most effective washing machine repair service.

Old Washing Machine Repair Services

What makes OJ Same Day Appliance Repair different from the rest? It has to be our extremely knowledgeable technician with expertise in different types of washing machine repairs. Therefore, if you have a worn-out washing machine from the 90s and want to repair it now, we can do that now.

All you have to do is call us and share your washing machine model and the problem. Our executives will hear your problem minutely and suggest the best solutions given to the situation. In case of a severe issue, we send our inspection team to check the machine thoroughly. So, if you want to get your old washing machine inspected, you can call OJ Same Day Appliance Repair through their customer care number.

Old Washing Machine Repair Services
Latest Washing Machine Repair Services

Latest Washing Machine Repair Services

OJ Same Day Appliance Repair keeps their washing machine repair services up to date. Therefore, if you are facing any issues with your latest washing machine, you can contact us without any hesitation.

We conduct regular training and discussions on the latest technologies used in washing machines. Also, we introduce the best and most effective tools and instruments for repairing your washing machine. We can assure you of guaranteed washing machine repair services at home.

Washing Machine Inspection Services

We are also available for washing machine inspection services. If you have had a left-out washing machine for years and now you want to use it, you can ask for our assistance.

Just call us at 954-536-9180 and share your issues with the skilled team. We will go through the details and send you a team to check your machine. We will inspect, clean, and repair if there is any issue with your washing machine. 

We have an extended offer for the people who get our regular maintenance plans. We offer half-yearly and yearly washing machine maintenance plans. So, feel free to get in touch with us and get your washing machine checked by the experts.

Washing Machine Inspection Services
Washing Machine Parts Replacement

Washing Machine Parts Replacement Services

What if your washing machine is broken or the parts are worn out? You can still contact us for the washing machine replacement.

However, we would like to check your washing machine first. So, our expert plumbing team with an electrician will visit your place, open up the washing machine parts and go through each part minutely.

After that, if they find that the part is repairable, they will try to repair it first. And in case the machine needs a replacement, we will proceed with that. That is how we handle our clients so that they don’t have to pay anything extra.

In short, OJ Same Day Appliance Repair has the best washing machine repair services within this locality. So, if you want the best service for your washing machine, contact us immediately.