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Dryer Repair

Dryer issues can make you crazy. What if your dryer breaks down when you need it most? Nothing is more frustrating than this situation. Don’t feel disheartened. Call OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs to solve your dryer repair need. We are here to do the best job and offer you peace of mind.

Unattended Minor Issues Aggravate Overtime

Should you find the dryer operational but lacking its usual efficiency. The cycle concludes, but the clothes are not adequately dried, remaining damp. It can be a tricky situation. Many people undermine the importance of repair work in such a situation. Pinning down the precise issue with it seems to be elusive. How to handle such a situation? Some people may use two cycles instead of one to dry their clothes.

It may look like a solution when you don’t want to spend money on dryer repair. Understand that any machine, including a dryer, must stay optimally functional to deliver the results you want. Most importantly, unattended minor issues aggravate overtime to cause expensive repair or replacement work. Can’t you figure out what is wrong? Call us to address the issue.

Call us at 954-536-9180 or schedule an online appointment now to get same-day on-time service with no delay from the most reliable technicians in your city.

Dryer Repair

Trusted And Affordable Dryer Repair Services Near You

Our technicians offer affordable and reliable solutions to help you save cash in the long run. Also, you can prevent unexpected dryer failures that could demand substantial financial investment. Save your hard-earned money with OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs.

We are Your Go-To Team for Same Day Dryer Repair Needs
You can approach us to address all types of dryer issues. Our technicians understand the language and grammar of your dryer more than anyone else. Get in touch with us if you find any of these issues;

– No Power
– Inoperative buttons or knobs
– Dryer spinning but no heat
– Strange noises
– Clothes staying wet after the cycle
– Dryer getting hot
– The motor works, but the dryer does not spin
– Dryer not tumbling

We are your perfect go-to team for all types of dryer repair needs. Get in touch with us today.

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Brands We Commonly Service for Dryer Repair:

  • GE
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • Bosch
  • Frigidaire
  • LG
  • And more!

It does not matter what brand of appliance you use in your house. Our appliance repair experts team will reach you and fix all the problems you have with your appliance.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We offer affordable, reliable, efficient, and timely repair services. At OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs, we realize that a non-functional dryer can throw off your routine. With our service hours extending from 8 AM to 9 PM on all days of the week, we focus on meeting your needs on the same day.

Do you have an emergency need? Use our 24/7 emergency services to solve the issue immediately. Being an insured and licensed company with a track record of more than two decades, our turnaround time and quality of services are the best in the industry.

– An endless list of happy customers
– Original parts of all leading makes and models
– Experienced and committed technicians
– Flexible scheduling
– Best warranties for labour and parts
– Unbeatable prices

Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary quote and a comprehensive understanding of our services.

Dryer Repair

Our overhead expenses are much lower than that of other repair companies. We purchase dryer parts in bulk from manufacturers to get excellent discounts. Further, OJ Same Day Appliance Repairs is dedicated to fostering lifelong customer relationships with you.

If you opt for an emergency solution, our technicians will reach your spot immediately. We guarantee the best solutions on the same day for other repair requirements.

We don’t limit our services to any particular dryer category. You can contact us to repair both electric and gas dryers at an affordable price.

The cost of repairing a dryer depends on what part needs repair. Replacing the dryer electronic control board costs more than replacing a dryer thermostat. However, the ranges vary from $150-$400.

If your dryer is less than 7-8 years old and is acting strangely, investing in the dryer repair service is more economical because it is cheaper than replacing the whole machine.

Call us at 954-536-9180 or schedule an online appointment now to get the same-day on-time service with no delay from the most reliable technicians in your city.