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6 Maintenance Tips To Avoid Commercial Dishwasher Repair Costs


If you oversee or own a commercial eatery, you already understand how vital and costly a commercial dishwasher repair is to your business. Any interruption in the dishwasher’s operation might result in downtime and a detrimental effect on the establishment’s performance as a whole. To stop these problems from occurring, you may take several steps. 

Here are six ideas for maintaining your industrial dishwasher and avoiding pricey repairs are provided in this blog post. According to these recommendations, you can make sure that your dishwasher operates smoothly and effectively, thus saving you time and money.

Importance of a Commercial Dishwasher

Before getting into those 6 tips to avoid costly repair, first, you need to understand the importance of commercial dishwasher repair. Here these are:
1. Your culinary staff’s workload is considerably reduced for the dishwasher.
2. The capacity and speed of an industrial dishwasher are superior to that of even the most extensive staff performing manual ware washing.
3. When compared to hand cleaning, it produces far better washing outcomes.
4. It allows you to adhere to regional and national health regulations by upholding the most excellent sanitization standards.
5. As it is significantly more effective than manually cleaning the dishes, it helps you save money on water and electricity costs.
Now that you have learned the importance of the dishwasher in your business.

How to avoid the high cost of commercial dishwasher Repair

  • Always remove food scraps before loading.

In a dishwasher, unscraped plates can clog the pump/motor assembly, the drain lines, the drain pump, and the spray arms. On the one hand, this might make bread contaminated and hinder thorough dishwashing. But, on the other hand, if you wipe off the food scraps, you won’t have to pay for as many maintenance visits, saving you money over time.

  • Verify the proper flow pressure.

There must be enough water flow to ensure the dishwasher fills up quickly. Therefore, the load or rinse cycles determine the flow pressure. Most dishes need 20 pressures, typically between 15 and 25 psi. Low flow pressure will produce poor cleansing results, whereas excessive pressure will harm the dishwasher, your glasses, and other glassware.

  • Purchase a power surge protector.

You need to purchase a power surge suppressor to secure your equipment, including your dishwasher. Its primary function is to absorb much electricity and keep the machines from receiving it.

Power surge protectors are designed to not only redirect abnormally high surges but also to divert the energy and stop harm like fire. As a result, your assets will be shielded from electricity grid fluctuations and unplanned events like lightning hits.

  • Take regular maintenance and avoid commercial dishwasher repair.

Staff members can complete most upkeep tasks, including routine dishwasher cleaning, which reduces breakdowns and fixes. However, the work of a skilled specialist is required for some upkeep procedures. Therefore, be sure to schedule frequent expert maintenance as well.

  • Analyze chemicals frequently.

Low or excessive amounts may result in problems that your consumers won’t like. Therefore, be careful to regularly examine the chemical levels, preferably before beginning a cycle. Among the compounds used by an industrial dishwasher, rinse aid, soap, and sanitizer are the most crucial since they keep the utensils spotlessly clean and thoroughly disinfected.

  • Don’t Fill Your Dishwasher to the Max.

Dishes that are stacked too high will prevent water from reaching all of your items, preventing your dishes from being thoroughly cleansed. As a result, you run the chance of using dishware that has yet to be thoroughly cleansed, or you’ll see the impurities and have to rinse the same plates twice. While this won’t endanger your image, it will use more water, energy, and chemicals, putting more strain on the appliance. This ultimately leads to expensive commercial dishwasher repair.


Therefore, consider the tips above if you have a dishwasher and want to prevent unneeded breakdowns. These suggestions safeguard and safeguard your image but also help you save a ton of cash. But while staff members should perform maintenance daily, monthly, or monthly, more complicated duties call for expertise.