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How to Replace Heating Element in Dryer – Everything You Should Know

How to Replace Heating Element in Dryer – Everything You Should Know

What to do if your dryer does not produce enough heat to dry your clothes? Check the heating element. A faulty heating element makes the dryer inefficient. Replace it to restore optimal functionality. How to replace heating element in dryer? Here are the steps you must follow to replace the heating element.

Switch off the Power
The first thing is to turn the power off. Unplugging the dryer is a safety measure you must never overlook.

Move the Dryer Away from the Wall
The next step is to move the dryer out of the wall. Unplugging lets you move the dryer effortlessly out of the wall. It makes the dismantling process effortless.

Get the Necessary Tools
You must get a few tools and equipment to perform this task. The list includes;

  • Pliers
  • Multimeter
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety gloves
  • New heating element

Remove the Back Panel
Be careful not to get injured when removing the heavy back panel. A careless attitude can cause damage to the dryer. So, follow a cautious approach.

  1. You can find the screws on the bottom and top edges of the back panel. Take out the screws using the screwdriver.
  2. Do you notice any extra fasteners or clips? Remove them using a putty knife or flathead screwdriver.
  3. Take away the panel carefully after removing all screws and clips.
  4. Set aside all the screws and fasteners in a safe place.

Access the Heating Element

You can spot a coiled electric wire or metal tube. It works as the heating element of your dryer. Check for the damage. Do you notice any cracks? Then, it should be replaced. Can’t you see any cracks? Use the multimeter to examine the continuity. If there are continuity issues, replacement is inevitable.

Disconnect and Remove the Old One
If you are new to this task, rely on the wiring diagram created by the manufacturer. Otherwise, capture a photo of the wiring system.

  1. You can see a few wires attached to the heating element. Detach them carefully.
  2. After removing the wires, remove the heating element. If there are extra clips or screws, remove them before taking out the heating element.
  3. Use a cloth or vacuum to eliminate dust and debris in the surrounding area.

Install the New Heating Element

  1. Place the new one safely into the compartment. Attach the screws and clips carefully. Don’t let the element touch the metal housing of the dryer.
  2. Attach the wires as described in the diagram.
  3. Put the back panel in place.

Check the Performance
Switch on the dryer and operate it with the heat setting at the highest levels. Ensure there are no issues with the performance.

How to replace heating element in dryer? These are the steps you must follow to make your replacement project successful. Be careful to choose the most suitable heating element. You can visit the website of the manufacturer for expert guidance. If you find this task difficult, seek the help of a dryer repair professional.

What if the problem is not rectified?

Can’t you rectify the issue? Remember that other problems can also mimic a faulty or broken heating element.

Misbehaving Timer; The timer controls the duration of each cycle. If it malfunctions, your dryer will work long enough to produce adequate heat.

Damaged Start Switch; The start switch starts off the heating cycle. If it does not work efficiently, the dryer will fail to generate heat.

Burned-Out Thermal Fuse; When there is an overheating issue, the thermal fuse turns off the heating element. A burned-out thermal fuse does not let the dryer produce heat.

Damaged or Faulty Thermostat; The primary function of a thermostat is to control the temperature inside the drum. A faulty thermostat cannot perform the precise reading of the temperature. This situation leads to dryer heating issues.