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5 Simple and Practical Washing Machine Maintenance Tips to Optimize Longevity

washing machine maintenance

A household appliance such as a washing machine is not a luxury anymore. It is an essential appliance that helps you save time and effort to wash clothes. Buying a new-generation washing machine is not a small investment. So, you need to maintain it properly to get the best value for money.

How to increase the lifespan of your machine?

Practical washing machine maintenance tips:

Don’t Forget to Clean the Lint Trap and Filter

A washing machine usually sends soap, dirt, and lint down the drain. However, the filter may capture a few of these particles from your clothes to cause lint, soap, and dirt buildup. This situation affects the overall efficiency of your washing machine over time. As a result, the longevity of the washer comes down significantly.

The best solution is to clean the lint trap and filter regularly. The filter screen can be cleaned using a paper towel. Then, rinse the filter in hot water to remove stubborn particles.

Use the Right Detergent and Quantity

Choose a detergent carefully. Most detergents leave behind a residue to clog the drain over time. Top-quality detergents create fewer suds and leave only a negligible amount of residue. There are many products available on the market today. Spend some time to research and make an informed decision. Make sure that the detergent you choose is compatible with your washer model.

Overdosing on detergent is a common habit among many people. They often think adding more detergent is the best way to remove stubborn stains. Excessive quantity produces more suds and makes the washer work harder. This may lead to additional wash cycles to reduce the longevity of your washing machine.

Overloading or Underloading Your Washer

It is one of the most critical washing machine maintenance tips you should focus on. It is not a bad habit to run a full load. But never overload or underload your washing machine. In other words, you should balance out the load to increase the lifespan.

Overloading takes a toll on the mechanical parts causing more wear and tear. Simultaneously, underloading disturbs the regular wash cycles, putting unwanted strain on the machine. The vital thing is to spread out the weight. If not, the usual spinning pattern will get disturbed. Consequently, the washing machine will have to work harder through the cycle. So, balance out the load to optimize the lifespan.

Don’t Leave Your Washing Machine Unsteady

Do you hear excessive vibration and noise? Most probably, your washer’s balance is off. Improper balance makes a negative impact on the inner workings of the machine. Keep the washing machine on a level surface. Check whether the feet are firm on the ground. You can lower or raise the washer by turning each leg clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Remove everything from Your Pocket before Washing

If you follow these 5 simple washing machine maintenance tips, you can prolong its longevity optimally. Tender-loving care and timely maintenance will deliver the best value for money. You can prevent unexpected malfunctions to a great extent when following these tips.