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Damp Clothes in The Dryer? Follow These Simple Hacks to Get Dry Clothes Faster


You count on your dryer to minimize the laundry chores on a busy schedule. But is it rewarding you with a satisfactory result by drying your clothes faster? Try to learn some tricks to get the job done quickly. Follow these simple and practical hacks that let you dry clothes quickly in your dryer. These 7 tips always help you save your valuable time and energy.

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Load Only Minimal Clothes in the Dryer

Many people overload the dryer to save time. This approach makes the drying process less efficient and longer. Clothes need enough space to tumble. Heated air has to pass through all items to speed up the drying process. In other words, improved air flow helps you dry clothes faster.

Club Similar Clothes Together

Sort your clothes by material or fabric type and weight. The best way is to put clothes with thicker fabrics together while drying. For example, jeans, bed sheets, and towels can be clubbed together. Group lighter clothes like socks and shirts separately before putting them into the dryer to make drying faster.

Toss Clothes into the Dryer with One to Two Bath Towels

Dry towels absorb moisture to let dry clothes faster. Don’t forget to take out these towels after 15 minutes. Otherwise, the damp towels will add moisture back to the clothes. Then, you can restart the cycle to make the drying optimally effective.

Put Dryer Balls or Tennis Balls into the Dryer

Don’t you have enough bath towels at home? You can add dryer balls or clean tennis balls to make drying faster. Dryer balls fluff up the clothes and increase airflow to allow clothes to dry quickly. Furthermore, these reusable products help you separate clothes in the dryer, resulting in a faster drying time.

Select the Most Suitable Dryer Cycle

Many people undermine the importance of the dryer cycle. You should not make this mistake when looking for quicker drying. Wrong dryer cycles keep the clothes damp and delay the drying task. Therefore, use a higher heat setting that your clothes can withstand. Most importantly, check the clothing care tag to select the right dryer cycle. Also, choose automatic cycles when needed. This approach speeds up the drying process with minimal effort.

Keep the Lint Screen Clean

The lint gets trapped in the screen or filter when using the dryer continuously. So, roll the lint off with your fingers after every load. Moreover, a thorough cleaning of the lint screen is essential every six months. Proper cleaning ensures smooth airflow to the appliance and increases the dryer speed.

Remove Blockages from the Dryer Vent

Keep the dryer ventilation system clean to dry clothes faster. It is essential to clean both the interior and exterior vents. Remember that lint accumulation in the dryer vent lowers the overall efficiency of the appliance. So, it is necessary to eliminate the trapped dust and lint with the help of a dryer cleaning brush or vacuum hose.

How to dry clothes faster in the dryer? These 7 simple and practical hacks help you to get a noticeable outcome. Keep the functionality of the appliance at optimal levels. Whenever you notice an issue, hire an experienced dryer repair company to address it immediately. Timely repair work and proper maintenance are essential to get the best results you want.