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How to Clean Dishwasher Filter in Minutes?

Clean Dishwasher Filter

We know life has become easier with the presence of various appliances. That means you spend less time doing manual household tasks like dishwashing. But here is the catch: these appliances demand regular maintenance. That’s also true for your dishwasher. You must clean it regularly as it keeps pulling debris and food particles. So, let’s see how to clean dishwasher filter and keep them functioning properly.

Finding the Location of Your Dishwasher Filter 

The first thing you must do is locate the dishwasher filter. And, a helpful hack is to follow the user manual. You can also search the manufacturer’s guidelines with the model number and manufacturer name. You will find two dishwater filters in the market: manual and self-cleaning. 

How do you know if your dishwasher filter is manual or self-cleaning? Here are some steps to follow. 

  • Open the dishwasher. 
  • Pull that bottom drawer out. 
  • Look at the very bottom. 

A circular cap at the tub’s corner indicates a manual filter. But if you see a plastic grid or holes at the dishwasher’s base, that’s a self-cleaning filter.

Manual and Self-Cleaning Dishwasher Filters

Manual Filters– Newly-made dishwashers usually come with manual filters. These filters don’t make much noise and are easy to remove and clean regularly. Locate the filter cap and give it a clockwise quarter turn. Lift the filter. You may sometimes find upper and lower filter parts in manual filters. Be careful in lifting the second filter and remove that with a forward pull. 

Self-Cleaning Filters- These dishwasher filters come with a grinder. It helps in pulverizing the trapped food particles before water flushes them away. Although these filters don’t clog as manual filters, some maintenance is still necessary. You need white vinegar to run the dishwashers (when empty) on normal cycles. After that, remove any grime by wiping the door’s edges with a damp and clean cloth. 

The Importance of Cleaning the Dishwasher Filter  

A clogged dishwasher filter can lead to a series of problems. Filter clogging also causes the drain to clog, leading to more mess and dirty water. Moreover, clogged filters put more stress on your dishwasher and lower its functionality. You may have to look for a dishwasher repair service. Also, food particles fail to recirculate because of filter clogging issues. Hence, it is important to clean your dishwasher filters regularly. 

Knowing How to Clean Dishwasher Filter Properly 

Do you find it challenging to keep your dishwasher filter clean? We feel it’s time to answer your query on how to clean dishwasher filters in minutes. 

  • The first step is to use the sink’s warm and running water to rinse the filter. 
  • Next, see how regularly you clean the dishwasher filter. If you don’t see much debris, rinsing would be enough. 
  • Fill warm water in a bucket and put in some drops of dishwashing liquid (mild). 
  • Soak the dishwasher filter for several minutes.
  • If you still see residue and grease, remove them with the help of a soft toothbrush. 
  • Then, rinse the filter again with warm water. Keep doing that until you see a clean filter. 
  • Wipe the inner compartment of the filter with a damp and clean cloth when drying. 
  • After rinsing the cloth, gently wipe the door’s edges and the tub’s bottom. 
  • After cleaning, lock the filter into its place properly and carefully.

When to Consider a Dishwasher Repair Service 

Do you notice signs of breakdown, water leaks, or foul smell? Or do you hear some loud noises or notice electrical issues? These signs indicate that something is wrong with your dishwasher. And the best thing you can do is book a dishwasher repair service for a quick fix.