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5 Most Common Dryer Problems and Their Solutions

5 most common dryer problems and their solutions 3

These days, dryers are common electronics in houses as they are useful when the sun isn’t bright, and you need to fast dry your clothing or linens. Unfortunately, they do occasionally break down and require fixing.
Usually, one of the five issues listed below is the cause of your dryer’s malfunction. Here are the five most common dryer problems and their solutions. So, let’s start.

5 Most Common Dryer Problems and Their Solutions

5 Most Common Dryer Problems and Their Solutions

The Dryer Producing Strange Noises

When dryers start to make unusual and unnatural noises, recognize a big problem. There may be a problem with one or more of the dryer’s components that might require repair or replacement.

If you hear thumping, squeaking, buzzing, or screeching noises from your dryer it signifies this issue. The dryer drum slides need to replace first. You can do it yourself if you have the necessary equipment and proper replacement parts. However, if it doesn’t fix the issue, you should examine the drive belt and the blower wheel to see if they have any damage. In that case, you’ll need to replace or fix them.

Since these repairs are more challenging to perform, you should probably hire a competent technician to fix them for you.

The Dryer Does Not Heat

When a dryer stops heating, it causes the next major issue for users. Although one of the common dryer problems, when this occurs, your dryer will not finish drying your clothes, rendering them virtually unusable.

When you encounter this issue, ensure that your dryer has at the appropriate temperature. Once you rule out this as a potential reason, you’ll need to examine some of the dryer’s internal parts to determine the root of the problem.

Check the power supply first. To do this, check the circuit breaker first, and then see whether the cord has any visible damage.

Due to the high power consumption of dryers, it’s not unusual for fuses to blow and require replacement.

You should test using your dryer in another power outlet to check if it works when the circuit breaker and cord are functioning properly; if it does, the issue is with your power outlet, which needs to be fixed.

If these solutions don’t work, the issue is probably the result of malfunctioning internal parts, and it requires hiring a trained expert.

Clothes Drying Time in the Dryer Is Too Long

The best place to start if your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes or sheets is to clean the lint filter. Generally, people ignore cleaning the dryer’s filter after each use, which is the primary cause of this common dryer problem.

However, you will need to call a certified expert to come and inspect your dryer if cleaning the lint filter doesn’t resolve the issue since the problem will be brought on by a dysfunctional internal component that has to be mended or replaced.

Clothes Becoming Wrinkled

The excessively wrinkled clothes that come out from dryers after the drying cycle is complete is again one of the common dryer problems individuals encounter.

Contrary to the rest of the issues on our list, this one is typically caused by you using the incorrect dryer cycle, overloading the machine, drying a small number of items, forgetting to add fabric softener to the wash, or improperly sorting your clothing.

Use the permanent-press cycle while using your dryer the following time if you aren’t performing any of those things since this should prevent your garments from getting out wrinkled.

The dryer Is Not Turning On

The dryer not turning on at all is the last issue on our list of common dryer problems.

If your dryer is experiencing this, the ideal place to start is by examining the power supply. If your dryer functions in another power outlet, the power outlet needs to be fixed. The circuit breaker in your home’s fuse box should check then; if it has shut off, turn it back on. Otherwise, the fuse is required to be replaced.

The door switch, thermostat, start switch, and thermal fuse must all be tested with a multimeter, or hire a technician if the first two remedies don’t work.


A standalone clothes dryer is a huge convenience for the home. Maintaining it, though, might be difficult sometimes. This blog focuses on the 5 most common dryer problems that frequently occur. It represents the tips to deal with these issues. Hopefully, this should alleviate the typical dryer issues that affect every household.